Something mad is on its way on Bitcoin... 🌪️

Mad Mandrills is a collection of 60 inscriptions between 162,816 to 260,461 range and 2,100 pixelated Mad Mandrills living in the Bitcoin blockchain coming to bring a bit of madness to Ordinals. Join the lair, and let's go for the throne of Ordinals.

import MadMandrills from '@bitcoin/ordinals';

// Welcome to the Mad Mandrills Ordinals Collection launch on OrdinalNovus!
// We're not just monkeys, we're Mad Mandrills,
// and getting your hands on one is an adventure.

// Function to join the WL lottery and get that exclusive 50% discount
function participateInWL() {
    // Lucky winners from Ordinals, BRC20... communities, Twitter,
    // and soon our Discord community will have a shot!
    if (
        isOrdinalMember() || 
        isBRC20Enthusiast() || 
        isTwitterFollower() || 
    ) {

// Function to enter the Mad Mandrill giveaways
function participateInGiveaways() {
    // Feeling lucky? Join our giveaways and
    // you might snag a Mad Mandrill for free!

// Function to claim a free mint for YISU holders
// This special privilege is our way of saying thanks
// for the incredible support from the founder of YISU.
function claimFreeMintForYISUHolder(yisuAmount) {
    if (yisuAmount >= 10000) {

// Function to check eligibility for a free mint
// for OG Mad Mandrills holders
function isOGMadMandrillsHolder(inscriptionID) {
    // OG Mad Mandrills holders with inscription IDs
    // between 162,816 and 260,461 are eligible
    return inscriptionID >= 162816 && inscriptionID <= 260461;

// Function to claim a free mint for OG Mad Mandrills holders
function claimFreeMintForOGHolder(inscriptionID) {
    if (isOGMadMandrillsHolder(inscriptionID)) {

// Function to buy directly from the public sale
function buyFromPublicSale() {
    // No time for games? Secure your Mad Mandrill
    // directly through the public sale.
    purchaseOrdinal(0.01, 'BTC');

// It's time to choose your path to Mad Mandrill madness!
// Option 1: Join the WL lottery and get a 50% discount.
// Option 2: Try your luck in the Mad Mandrill giveaways.
// Option 3: Hold at least 10,000 YISU for a guaranteed free mint.
// Option 4: Free mint for OG Mad Mandrills holders.
// Option 5: If you prefer the straightforward approach,
// buy directly from the public sale.


OrdinalNovus YISU